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WhatsApp Marketing Case Study

WhatsApp Marketing always seemed like a myth as part of a digital marketing strategy for us. Recently a client of ours, Umuzi Week of Festivals, wanted to run a competition via WhatsApp to promote their Misty Water Music Festival. The goal was to get at least 500 people to enter the competition to win tickets to [...]

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SEO Turn-around Strategy

Do you have an SEO strategy? If you do is it bringing in the traffic you would like to see via Google Analytics? Most of the SEO requests that came our way over the last two months did not. At Brand Barn we follow a simple strategy were we make sure that the ground work is [...]

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Reduce your Website Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate and why do you want it lower, rather than sitting at 100%? Well, if you master this the upside will be an increase in page views on your website, which is good. According to the Google Analytics Support Knowledgebase, a bounce is defined as a single session on your web page. Bounce rate [...]

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a term we use for the work we do to optimize a website for search engines, that is not related to your content. It is more about what happens behind the scenes than what your website visitor sees. If your website was a car, it would be like taking it in for a [...]

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Paying for your brand keyword on Google? Why?

Why would a brand use their own brand name as a paid keyword in Google? It simply does not makes sense unless you are not inspecting your Google Analytics reports. We have come across this practice a few time over the last two years. Brand A decides to start a Google Paid Search campaign and then opt [...]

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The Brand Barn Dream

What is the Brand Barn dream? It is actually pretty simple whilst at the same time very ambitious. While most people watched the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams with tears in their eyes, my attention was on the red barn in the back ground. I loved the whole idea of a barn that serves as [...]

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