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WhatsApp Marketing Case Study

WhatsApp Marketing always seemed like a myth as part of a digital marketing strategy for us. Recently a client of ours, Umuzi Week of Festivals, wanted to run a competition via WhatsApp to promote their Misty Water Music Festival. The goal was to get at least 500 people to enter the competition to win tickets to [...]

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a term we use for the work we do to optimize a website for search engines, that is not related to your content. It is more about what happens behind the scenes than what your website visitor sees. If your website was a car, it would be like taking it in for a [...]

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Paying for your brand keyword on Google? Why?

Why would a brand use their own brand name as a paid keyword in Google? It simply does not makes sense unless you are not inspecting your Google Analytics reports. We have come across this practice a few time over the last two years. Brand A decides to start a Google Paid Search campaign and then opt [...]

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