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Brand Barn’s 98% Sending Reputation Score is Our Pride

With over 10 years experience, Brand Barn is a trusted and secure Email Marketing Provider.

Our Email Marketing Services

What do you need from your email marketing? People who open and interact with your email marketing campaign. Brand Barn does more than simply send out a campaign to your subscribers.

  • We perform full testing to ensure your mailer looks great on all screens

  • We ensure your mailer looks great in all email clients, even Outlook…

  • We ensure your campaigns are CAN-SPAM compliant

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What we know about mailers

  • Mailers send before 08:00 and 14:00 have a higher success rate of being read. Sending a campaign after 09:00 and 15:00 reduces your open rate by 65%.

  • Background images in mailers don’t work, they simply don’t. The preview from your designer might look great but that does not mean it will be work in email clients like Outlook.

  • Developing an HTML website is not the same as developing an HTML mail template. Email clients like Outlook, Gmail or Thunderbird are not web browsers and have their own way of rendering content.

  • Plan your campaigns in advance. Last minute changes make everyone nervous and that is when mistakes are made.

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