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Your followers mean nothing if you don’t talk to them

If you don’t talk to them, they won’t follow you. That is the basics of Social Media Marketing.

Our Social Media Services

Brand Barn assists with everything from starting up your new social profiles to managing and curating your existing branded properties.

  • We create and manage your social content

  • We create and manage Social Advertising Campaigns o your behalf

  • We advise you on strategies that communicate your brand message in line with your marketing goals

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Brand Barn Social Media Marketing

Brand Barn Social Media

What we know about Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing forms part of your overall customer engagement strategy. It does not work by itself.

  • If your customers are unhappy, they are more likely to tell you on social media. You need to have a strategy in place to assist them.

  • Your teenage nephew might seem like a social media expert to you. He isn’t, trust us.

  • People follow your brand for different reasons. Find out what that reason is and make it worth their while to engage with you.

  • Social Media is a marathon, not a race. Set realistic goals and pace yourself for the long run.

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